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D.I.Y. Live rock RULE Empty D.I.Y. Live rock RULE

Post by Bluesaltwater87 on Fri Apr 13, 2012 2:26 pm

This is one of the most expencsive things you will EVER buy for your saltwater tank.
Live rock gets its name because of the organizums that use it for home ,food ,etc.
if you are goin to plane to make DIY rock than i can help you with your quest.

Rule #1: Only use portland cement. this is is the best to use because it will be salf for your tank
Rule #2: Use agroget (driveway rock) or pie rock <----best----
Rule #3: Use solar salt in your mix. the reasion is the salt will melt when you drown it in water.
Rule #4: Use play sand in you mix and to form it.

your mix will be 1part cement / 2parts rock / 2 or 3 parts saltrock / 3 parts sand.
Step 1: mix cement, rock, and sand.
step 2: after mix add little bits of water tell it is like sandy thick mud.
step 3: add rock salt
Step 4: make a sand bed and make the forms you want. (TIP) make flat base rock first. for a solid base.
step 5: after 24 hours you can move the rock. use a brissele brush to get exes sand off,
step 6: set out for the sun to hit it for 7 days
step 7: after 7 days submerge in water for 24 hours
step 8: Change out 50% of the water wait 7 more days
step 9: after the 7 days one lastwater change.

Rule #5: for every 10 lbs of DIY rock you will need to have 1lb of real live rock.

step 10: get a bigenough tub to hold the rock.
step 11: add heater, powerhead, airstone.
Step 12: set temp to 76 to 78 degrease
step 13: add real live rock first in the middle and stack DIY rock on top of it.

Keep the tub outside i had to find out that myself. just makes it easyer.

Step 14: keep the lid off
step 15: do 10% water changes everyweek for 4 weeks

Finished results after are great. now you have live rock.

after this you can make a larger batch if you have a much larger tank.

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