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Sacramento Aquarium Society meeting summary Empty Sacramento Aquarium Society meeting summary

Post by kshill2011 on Sun Feb 05, 2012 2:19 pm

I went to my first meeting! The speaker was a UC Davis professor and he spoke on the evolution of mouths in coral specific fish. With different feeding mechanisms in place for different purposes and whatnot. Very very cool. They then had a auction. Auction prices were silly. a bag of 6 adult 3bar angels went for like 15$ SOOO cheap! There was also a TON of plant life for sale and for extremely cheap as well. They also had a raffle and a few other giveaways. all in all a great meeting and hoping some of them will join us here and some of us will join them there.
Next meeting the speaker is Tom Barr, i believe, and he will be speaking on "plants" so if your into the planted tank and aquascaping go to that meeting for sure.
Pm me if you are interested in going to the meetings and we can work out a carpool thing if interested.

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